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Hello, I'm Dionlee Uy

...and I'm a developer

Who I Am

Dionlee Uy

I'm a Developer from Philippines. A graduate of BS Information Technology specialized in Android Apps Development, currently working my way in the IT industry as a web developer - ASP.Net C# in particular.

I love learning new things and share it to others through my works.



It's always fun to learn new things - especially "cool" stuffs. Learning doesn't stop at graduation, and it doesn't always come from school.

Currently, most of the new things I learned are from the web applications development like CSS Frameworks, JQuery API, etc.


I've always liked listening to music whenever I'm doing some stuff. I listen to a variety of songs but I find it soothing whenever I listen to Yiruma's plays - I have a separate playlist for this.

Also, I've composed some songs when I was in college - I sing a little *hehe*.


Like any other guys out there, I also play computer games. I usually play RPGs but mostly offline games. I don't really like MMORPGs or any online games that much, but there's an exception, Dota 2, I think that's the only online game I like to play.


I'm currently a home-based ASP.Net (C#) developer, and while working on my projects I've made some jQuery plugins.

Dionlee Uy

Don Andres Soriano, Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines